Forthcoming Events
(Unless stated otherwise, all the following events are taking place at Emmaus House)


16th November 2017 Cornerstone Bookshop 2pm (Christmas gifts & Cards)
1st December 2017 Good Old Days - 7pm
6th December 2017 New Life Church (sing-a-long) 2-3pm
9th December 2017 Pensioner's With Style Clothes Party 2-4pm
11th December 2017 Salvation Army (Carol singing) 7pm
14th December 2017 Moresby School Children (Christmas Nativity/Carols) 10-11.30am
15th December 2017 Carol Service & Tea start around 5pm INVITATION ONLY
Mon 10am, Wed 2pm, Fri 10am Oomph Exercise Sessions with Leanne & Elaine

Devotional Services throughout the month, Knit & natter Friday mornings


If you would like any further information on any of the above events then please call or email us, contact details shown below.

Tel: (01946) 591362 - email: